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Ursula Schulz

A Tribute to Ursula Schulz

If the moon has a sister
It's got to be you

Ever since I met Ursula Schulz, in 1968, I have lived my life surrounded by beauty. The beauty that she is, the beauty that she creates, the beauty that she inspires. The art, the décor, the gardens, the painted bottles, the black giraffe, the music, the poetry, the flowers, the design, the conversations, the love, the faith, in five countries, in four languages, in cities and in forest. Everywhere she stayed awhile, she transformed her surroundings into places of beauty, psalms to the Majesty of Creation.



Artwork: 30 years of crap A porcelain urinal ripped off the wall of the men’s room in a bar in 1917 has been voted the most influential work of art of the 20th Century.

Artwork: Beauty makes a comeback “Beauty is back.” - Joel Garreau
“Beauty’s on the comeback trail.” – Denis Dutton
“Beauty’s back in town.” – Susan Yelavich
It’s been a long time coming and it was a long time gone.

Artwork: Installation art you can live in Dawson Schulz world headquarters


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